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Shopping AroundTown (ArT) & Texas



Snider Plaza Antique Shops ... in Dallas, TEXAS.  Meeting with Martha and Alan on Friday to find out what they have planned for the New Year!  Check back over the weekend.


Linda's Designers Group ... in Dallas @ Lost Again ... Antiques and Decor.  BIG ESTATE SALE starting Thursday, January 25th.  (new pics 1/18).

There’s big news from Linda’s Designers Group at LOST ... Again ~ Antiques & Decor.  Next week Linda and several dealers at LOST are doing an estate sale.  It’s the real deal starting Thursday, January 25th.  Thursday everything is FULL PRICE.  Friday, prices drop 25%.  Saturday, everything is 50% off.  We’ve loaded a few pics to catch your interest, but that’s just the start.  There’s more coming next week along with even more detail about Linda’s sale and what other LOST dealers are doing the next two weeks.  Keep watching the 24-7 website over the weekend.  More pics, more sales, and even more items on the schedule.




Chic Cherie Vintage ... Open Daily.  JANUARY SALE ... 30% off all clothing and furs.  If you have the winter “blahs” it’s time to head to the Chic Cherie vintage Clothing, Jewelry & Furs at High Street Antiques & Design.  My doctor (who happens to be female) believes there’s nothing better than a 30% OFF SALE to cure your after-holiday blues!  It’s especially true when the temps are barely above freezing and the skies are a dull grey from morning to night.