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24-7 Estate Sales - Estate Sales in Dallas, Texas, Oklahoma and More - DFW Estate Sales Dallas
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Hi ... From Terry Lee & Fred




DFW Estate Liquidators ... in Fort Worth starting Friday. 

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24DFW 0006Earlier in the week Fred and told you a little about Cory’s fabulous estate sale scheduled for this weekend ... “An estate sale of historical proportions.  This sale features the home of a well-known Fort Worth resident whose descendants were the original owners of the Livestock Commission Company (1910 until 1958).  Cory has the actual desk once used in the Livestock Exchange building located in the Fort Worth Stock Yards ... one of several historical items to be sold. In addition, the sale will offer militaria from the homeowner and his family ... some predating WWI.”

Now that we’ve actually seen the sale, we can tell you it’s Cory’s best sale of the year and one that everyone will want to shop.  The collectibles exceeded our expectations ... militaria from WWI, WWII, and Viet Nam.  Having served in the military during Viet Nam Fred can testify to the authenticity of the items available (cases full of memorabilia).  But it was the antique furniture that caught his attention first ... the dining table with claw feet ... the mirrored back mahogany server ... and the antique ladies’ writing desk.  My favorites lean to sterling silver ... fine china by Rosenthal, Grindley, Johnson Bros., Wedgwood and others ... and finally, the antique toys.  But I have to admit, I’d love to see the owner’s slides from his tour of Viet Nam.  From our discussion with Cory, a lot of people are equally interested.



Discovery Estate Sales ... in Dallas starting FRIDAY!

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Barbara and Sandy have been busy with great sales since the beginning of the new year ... and there back this week with another.  The home is huge and situated on lots of acreage.  That’s why the homeowner was able to construct a studio behind the main house where she did her “creative work” ... making pottery.  In addition to 2 kilns, you’ll find her potter’s wheel and a pool table manufactured by Patterson & Hoffman of Oklahoma City.  Our favorite room in the house is the sun room ... built by the famous architect, Charles Dilbeck.  It’s the perfect setting with floor to ceiling windows to nurture the myriad of live plants the homeowner possessed.  It’s also the room where the family could gather and relax on the large sectional while sharing their morning coffee and admiring the large Pegasus statue in the backyard.

The furnishings range from antique to traditional to a smattering of contemporary pieces.  Fred loved the oak hall tree, but I picked out the antique breakfront as a favorite.  It’s a great way to display any number of china collections.  Then we both honed in on the oak drop front secretary with stained glass doors.  For anyone looking for a “cute” something to buy.  Fred and I both suggest a member of the homeowner’s “frog collection.”  For the ladies ... lots and lots of costume jewelry.  A sale full of wonderful and whimsical treasures.  Start your shopping pleasure with ...