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24-7 Estate Sales - Estate Sales in Dallas, Texas, Oklahoma and More - DFW Estate Sales Dallas
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Hi ... from Terry Lee & Fred
Featured ...


Janelle Stone Estate Sales ... in Dallas starting Friday.  {see pics}

10JANEL 0004 









Is it possible to love anything more than MCM especially when it’s a pair of lamps that make your heart beat faster than hummingbird wings?  What if it’s a MCM table with dynamite looking chairs?  Well, it is possible if I’m shopping Janelle Stone’s designer sale slated to open this Friday.  The homeowner’s townhouse is a high end boutique offering fine jewelry creations ... designer clothing ... designer handbags ... designer shoes ... and luxury linens from Ralph Lauren, Pratesi, Yves Delorme, and Peacock Alley.  You may think you’re in Highland Park Village, but actually you’re shopping one of the premier estate sales of the year!  Grab a cup of coffee before you leave the house Friday morning.  The line will begin forming long before daylight. 

24JANEL 0009











Millchell Estate Sales ... in Fort Worth starting Friday.  {see pics}











As a little girl I loved going to The Red Goose Shoe Store ... even if it was one in Dallas.  But this weekend, shoppers from around the Metroplex have the opportunity to shop the home of the owner of the Landmark Fort Worth Red Goose Shoe Store.  Anticipate the excitement of opening one of the many golden egg treasures ... the store’s iconic logo – a 23' Metal Store Sign (made in 2 parts with the backside being wooden) ... a 6'  Wooden Red Goose Sign ... along with dozens of fabulous antiques and collectibles that include a 4' Bas Relief of a Chinese Emperor (reported to have been on the 60's TV show “Green Acres.”  A sale that offers up a true golden treasure ...











Discovery Estate Sales ... in Dallas starting Friday.  {see pics}

10DIS 0110 









Classic Danish Modern dining table with 6 leather upholstered chair and a matching china cabinet by Skovby ... definitely our STAR OF THE SALE, but it’s just one small part of Sandy’s amazing sale.  It’s a serious accumulation of antiques and collectibles spanning 32 years beginning with the depression and continuing through the post-war era.  Both Fred and I found toys we loved from our childhoods ... lots of Disney characters, lunch boxes, Coca-Cola and Beatles memorabilia.  My personal favorites – photographs from the 60's of my favorite musical group ... THE BEATLES when they performed at the Dallas Convention Center (signed by the photographer).  You’ll find an abundance of photographs, frames, and prints from the Photographic Archives Lab & Gallery in Dallas.  It’s a sale with unique and wonderful treasures that go way above the usual estate sale.  You can start with the MCM furniture ... or head straight to the ladies’ vintage clothing (and furs).  Wherever you start, you’ll love what you find ...

23DIS 0068











Kyle Foster Auctioneers, Ltd. ... in Garland Friday evening.

10KYLE 0001








You don’t want to be up wandering around during Friday night’s auction with so many great lots up for sale.  Fred and I can’t decide between the antique furniture (19th century Victorian burl walnut secretary vs. the 19th century pine plantation desk) ... the collectibles ("Vietnam Veteran" Bronze Number 1 of 40 with COA by Michael Boyett dated March 20,1981 being our favorite) ... the sterling flatware ... $5 silver certificates vs. a 1885 Morgan Silver Dollar ... or something totally different like the antique Royal manual typewriter.  You never know when the electricity might go out just as I get an idea for the next GREAT AMERICAN NOVEL!  Whatever happens, don’t let it keep you from Kyle Foster’s auction this Friday evening.  Kyle promises a host of treasures that include ...

14KYLE 0015