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24-7 Estate Sales - Estate Sales in Dallas, Texas, Oklahoma and More - DFW Estate Sales Dallas
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Hi ... From Terry Lee & Fred



Landmark Auction ... in Ennis Saturday @ 11:00 am.  {see pics}




















Estate Sales by Anthony ... in Grand Prairie starting Friday.  {see pics}










Hanging out with Tony and his staff is about the most fun one human can have ... UNLESS, Tony's busy putting together an estate sale.  Everyone was running around staging mountains of goodies in this packed Grand Prairie home.  Fred and I were challenged just taking pictures.  The living areas are bulging with tables covered in Flow Blue (including a large soup tureen, platters ... big pieces) ... Depression Glass ... a Wood Trimmed Parlor Set with Victorian Lamp Tables ... Comic Books ... Cases filled with Sterling Jewelry ... a Needlepoint Upholstered Balloon Back Chair ... Vintage Barbie & Ken Dolls complete with Carrying Cases.  Walk into another area to find tables covered in Christmas ... everything from a vintage ceramic Christmas tree to Spode Christmas Tree and large elegantly attired Santas, nutcrackers, and nativities.













Estate Sales by Julie & Co. ... in Dallas starting Thursday afternoon.












Julie tells us everything in this lovely North Dallas home is “FOR SALE” ... it’s all got to go.  If you’ve seen the pics, you know that’s not going to be a difficult task.  There’s plenty of quality furniture (antiques to traditional to some mid-century) ... collectibles that will have die hard estate sale goers jockeying for position to be the first through the door ... plus all the other estate sale finds you expect to see.   Fred and I were both absolutely loving the STARS OF THE SALE ... a fabulous pair of bisque dolls (Sarah & Joe).  These black dolls have bisque heads, feet, lower legs and hands and are wearing their original antique clothing.  Finding even one is a treat, but TWO is over the moon!  Another very special doll is the “Topsy Turvy” American folk art doll.  But wait, one last “must see” collectible ... the hand carved and painted folk art piece by Montana Native, Onis Woodard. 



DFW Estate Liquidators #2 ... in Arlington starting Friday.










You’ve checked out the pictures and by now ... you’re head is spinning.  While the house is full of furniture, what you notice first is the volume of great collectibles.  A few of the standouts Fred and I both loved ... the vintage Marx trains ... Breyer horses ...  Continental Trailways Silver Eagle ... ALL the old board games (Remco Fascination ... The Electric Maze Game, Booby Trap, and others) ... vintage toys ... old cameras ... and a scrapbook titled Sam Lanham Chapter U.D.C. in Honor of the United Confederate Veterans of Parker Co.  We’re both also intrigued with old paper ... postcards and photographs.  This house is a treasure chest of old stuff you’ll enjoy seeing, maybe for first time or maybe when you were a kid.  Fred loved the antique Edison phonograph while I appreciated the vintage electronics and the stereo phonograph consoles.  It’s all about great memories.