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24-7 Estate Sales - Estate Sales in Dallas, Texas, Oklahoma and More - DFW Estate Sales Dallas
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Hi ... From Terry Lee & Fred



High Street Market & Antiques ... Sister to High Street Antiques &  Design in Plano.  OPENING Saturday, November 1st!  {see pics)

10hsmkt 0016










It’s official ... High Street Market & Antiques is opening this Saturday, November 1st ... just in time for the holidays!  Fred and I both think the newest antique mall in the area is BEAUTIFUL.  You’ll see familiar faces, antique dealers who have been in the business for years, along with new faces, people who have wanted to show off their creative side with an eye to antiques and collectibles, mid-century, costume jewelry, and original creations of their own.  Earlier in the week Fred and I dropped by for a preview.  Dealers were busy unpacking and arranging their treasures, workers were wheeling in large pieces of furniture, and management was “testing” everything from the credit card machine to the phones to the lights!  It was organized bedlam for sure!

23hsmkt 0073











Country Garden Estate Sales ... in Dallas starting WEDNESDAY.   25% OFF ON FRIDAY!

17GARDEN 0011











31aGARDEN 0027

From ORDINARY to EXTRAORDINARY ... with plenty of stops in between.  This may be the most unique sale Fred and I have ever seen ... actually a combination of two estates.  One part is the Living Estate of Photographer Manny Rodriguez located in his 15,000 sq. ft. studio.  The other part is the estate of a Texas Wild Catter/Oil Man who married into a New England family from a ship building dynasty.  The ship building family originally left Spain & Portugal, arrived in South America, and immigrated to New York.  We describe this sale as high tech meets Old World.  There's lots to see so we suggest you spend the evening browsing through the gallery of pics.  Tuesday, we'll be pointing out the many high points of both worlds!


IMG 0550










DFW Estate Liquidators ... in Euless starting Friday.

10DFWel 0009









What started as a good sale ... just went ballistic!  Yes, there’s all the standard items you’d expect to find in an estate sale, but they’re not standard.  How many sales have you seen with a “DALE ERNHARDT custom Monte Carlo Race Car Desk?  Or how about a Huge Snap-on Dale Ernhardt Commemorative Edition Tool Box.  It’s in pristine condition because the homeowner only used it to store his collectibles?  If you aren’t familiar with Dale Ernhardt, he was an American race car driver who gained fame as a stock car driver for NASCAR and for winning seven Winston Cup championships.  Add gold coins to the other hundreds of collectibles and this sale rises to the TOP!  But we aren’t through.  There’s a table (and underneath) covered in Coca-Cola collectibles .. The garage is filled with power tools and storage cabinets plus a sandblasting enclosure and compressor (media blaster) Fred’s all gaga over!

14aDFWel 000819DFWel 0019











Rosen Sytems Auction ... The Rug Company ... HUGE $50,000 Cost Inventory of New Rugs!  The On-Line Auction is currently running.  Auction Date is November 11th.   Preview Date is November 1st.  {see pics}








It’s a HUGE rug sale ... approximately $50,000 worth of new rugs in a variety of styles ... fabrics from wool to silk to a combination of both ... from countries as far away as India, Tibet, Napal, China, and right here at home in the USA.  In addition to rugs, you’ll find everything assorted with rugs ... storage racks, displays, lifts, and clips.  The auction is currently underway on-line, but you can preview all the items this Saturday, November 1st from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm.  The auction ends, Tuesday, November 11th.  Now for some of the inventory you can expect to find ...










PAC Shoppe Auctions ... in Dallas November 8th.  {see pics}

12PAC 0067










25PAC 005334PAC 0096




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