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24-7 Estate Sales - Estate Sales in Dallas, Texas, Oklahoma and More - DFW Estate Sales Dallas
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Hi ... from Terry Lee & Fred


Janelle Stone Estate Sales ... in Old Preston Hollow starting Friday.  {see pics}

10STONE 0025









OLD PRESTON HOLLOW ESTATE ... An incredible home, indeed!  Custom furnishings throughout the house ... original art work impeccably framed ... amazing collectibles that would be perfect for your “Man Cave” (Rowe-Ami R85 Juke Box and an antique Wurlitzer 950 Juke Box with records) ... designer luggage by Louis Vuitton ... a total gym for the health conscious family ... ladies’ designer clothing, handbags, and shoes ... antique Oriental rugs ... custom draperies ... fine china and Italian pottery ... and more.  Every member of the family will love shopping for their favorites.  There’s even adorable pieces of furniture for the younger set.  Fred and I can’t think of a sale that offers more treasures than this one.  So prepare yourself for a festive shopping experience starting with ...

25STONE 0003










Millchell Estate Sales ... in Anetta South starting Friday.  HUGE SALE!










It’s hard to imagine a life time of collecting at this level, but it’s exactly what we’ve come to expect from an antique dealer!  Gary and his staff along with Panda Poodle have spent weeks and weeks arranging and grouping books ... glass ... china ... Santa figures ... butter molds ... salt and pepper shakers ... dolls, dolls, and more dolls ... barrister bookcases (at least 19 at last count) ... pie safes ... sterling and silverplate ... old tins ... handmade quilts ... spool cabinets ... china ... porcelain ... and all the rest of the wonderful booty!  So remember, when the doors open Friday evening be NICE to the staff.  They all deserve a full week of pampering at a spa even before the sale begins.  But once the sale starts – it’s going to be a whirlwind of serious shopping with treasures galore!











Snider Plaza Antique Shops ... dealers are back from Round Top with new treasures to share!  {see pics}

10SNYDER 0001









Dealers from Antique Plaza Antique Shops are finally back from Round Top and “attempting” to settle back in before the start of the shop’s BIG MAY SALE!  But as you can see from the pictures, some dealers returned with more antiques and collectibles than they took with them and are now challenged to “redesign” their booths to fit their additional inventory.  Fred and I found several original works of art we’d not seen before, along with garden statuary and petrified sea urchins.  We even found newly acquired majolica.  Russell Light, Snider Plaza’s noted book collector, has catalogued his “library” of 1st editions and autographed works to make shopping easier.  Choose from a large selection of biographies, history, literature, poetry, art, and religion oriented tomes.  Of course you wouldn’t want to take your prized copy of Ernest Hemingway’s Farewell to Arms to the beach, but you’d love some summer reading.  If that’s the case, head straight to Donald King Cowan’s bookcases stacked with great books covered a wide variety of topics (my favorite being anything covered The Civil War or WWII). 

60SNYDER 0045










City View Antique Mall ... Spring Storewide Sale & Flea Market.









It’s a BIG DEAL ... City View Antique Mall’s Spring Storewide Sale & Flea Market.  The Flea Market is a 1-Day Event happening Saturday when dealers set up booths on the back parking lot.  It’s a huge space that allows dealers to spread out their furniture, art, glassware, primitives, European & American antiques for customers to shop.  But you don’t have to wait until Saturday to look for fabulous deals.  Starting Wednesday you will find storewide discounts. Fred and I suggest you drive the SUV to City View.  You know with 100+ Vendors and 13,000 square feet of antiques and collectibles ... you’ll be tempted to take home a van FULL of treasures.