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24-7 Estate Sales - Estate Sales in Dallas, Texas, Oklahoma and More - DFW Estate Sales Dallas
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Hi ... from Terry Lee & Fred
Featured ...


Janelle Stone Estate Sales ... in Highland Park starting Friday.  {see pics}

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Great estate sales are nothing new for Janelle Stone, but this one is in a category all it’s own.  14,000 sq. ft. mansion ... 3 floors ... 2 garages ... FULL of everything you can imagine or want.  Be sure to read Janelle’s “THINGS TO KNOW” about this sale ... where to park, how loading will be handled, and other tips.  The home is on a very busy main street, but Police Officers are on duty to direct traffic.  Be sure to take time browsing the pics so you know what floor to head to first.  Now that we’ve gotten the basics down, here’s Janelle’s extensive description of the home’s contents.  If anything, it’s only the basics.  “MY LARGEST SALE IN 8 YEARS!  This gated Mansion with a coveted address is unrivaled in quality and quantity.  The home has 14,000 square feet of the best of everything.  It’s impossible to take it all in.  You’ll need to spend time on each of three floors to understand just how much is there.”

42JSTN 0019











Sales by Don Coppinger ... in McKinney starting Friday{see pics}













The best of the City and the Country comes together at Don & Judith Coppinger’s Living Estate Sale.  A little history first followed by a list of fabulous finds.  Fred and I love this sale and think you will too!  “We have the privilege of conducting a living estate sale for Rudy and Marjorie Jones who have enjoyed this farm for over 30 years.  The Jones' are retired from the real estate and land development industry.  In 1982, Marjorie decided to pursue her dream career as a professional artist. She then studied art for many years in the United States, and built an art studio on the property where she was commissioned to paint portraits and historical exhibitions. Rudy would research the period to be exhibited.  Although she kept most of her originals, she has graciously given us permission to sell a few of them along with several giclees on canvas.”














Discovery Estate Sales ... in North Dallas starting Friday.







Fort Worth Show of Antiques & Art  ... at the Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth starting Friday, March 3rd.  ANTIQUES & ART!  A FORT WORTH tradition that brings us something new and fresh every year!  Fred and I are continually impressed with Jan Orr-Harter, Show Director, the antique and art dealers, and the welcoming people of Fort Worth to this annual event.  What can you expect to find?  We will tell you more this coming week!  For now, enjoy some of the pictures from last year's show!