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24-7 Estate Sales - Estate Sales in Dallas, Texas, Oklahoma and More - DFW Estate Sales Dallas
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HI ... from TERRY LEE & FRED ... 


Attics to Basements ... in McKinney starting Wednesday.  {see pics}


For the serious collector of Chinese Antiquities ... a must-see estate sale in McKinney, TEXAS!  Whitney and his staff have had an amazing experience this past week as they staged museum quality antiques from the Han, Tang, Song, and Qing Dynasties.  Before they started the process, they called in an expert to authentic 2,000 year old ceramics and wood carvings.  Just as expected, everything is the REAL DEAL!  As great as the collection is in pictures, you can’t really measure their beauty without seeing them in person.  The incense burner happens to be my favorite, but the large urn and Burnt Man are a close second.  Whitney picked the carved Chinese man as his first choice followed by the large green Foo Dog statue.

Once you’ve examined the Chinese antiquities, it’s on to the art work.  The homeowner owned a wide mix that included ... a 24K gold Moroccan tapestry ... a framed tapestry featuring a stork ... and original art work by son, Jason Falls (several large pieces by Jason).  One original oil is quite a mystery.  It dates from the mid-1800's, beautifully framed, and was shipped from Brazil to Florida where the homeowner’s husband purchased it decades ago.  No one has come up with any additional Information about the artist which is why it’s so interesting.













Landmark Auction ... in Ennis starting Saturday Morning.


It’s hard to predict when Donna & Alan are going to throw us a curve ball, but this weekend’s auction is just that.  The showroom floor is fully covered in an equal number of COOL ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES.  The antiques are a mixture ... Belgium antique tables and chair, an English style canopied bar and bar back, and American primitive wooden seed bin.  The collectibles include folk art, anvils, wood and kerosene burning stoves, costume jewelry, and medals worn by different ranks of the fraternal organization of the Oddfellows.  Fred was wondering around and found canisters that originally held military projectiles.  But then Donna turned around and topped Fred with her embalming tool kit.  YIKES!  Thankfully, my taste is a little more “ordinary” as I chose to zoom in on the signed Dean Linsky oil on canvas "Hills of Santa Ynez."  It’s a wonderful painting I’d be proud to show off in my home (unlike Fred and Donna’s choices).  

It’s easy to get lost in the many smalls at this auction, but you can’t overlook the furniture.  We’ve already mentioned the canopied bar and bar back, but that’s only the first thing we noticed.  Two STARS for Saturday’s auction include the Berkey Gay Bureau/Bookcase and the Marquetry Inlaid Walnut Bonnet Top Curio.  As Donna walked Fred and me through the gallery, she tells us some of the furniture has been waiting in the upstairs gallery for the right auction.  Looks like this is the one for the Oak Draw Leaf Table with really chunky legs (looks like tree trunks) and matching chairs ... 6 of them.  Hopefully both will be going to the same family to enjoy.  Saturday will absolutely be a FUN auction that’s full of unique and wonderful items.  Come early to preview hundreds of lots starting with ...












DFW Estate Liquidators ... in Grand Prairie starting Friday.  {see pics}


A woman who loves to shop as much as I do ... gotta admire her.  This Grand Prairie home is filled with everything you could ask for in quality living starting with furniture.  The green Italian leather living room set is exactly what I’d pick for a new spring look for my home.  Fred and I both liked the hand painted black chest the homeowners used for their HUGE Pioneer Elite 50'' LCD HD TV.  The picture on that screen is amazing.  In fact, the homeowner has a collection of really fine electronics ... Onkyo TX-SV717Pro Receiver, Sony 5 Disc CD Changer, Bose Acoustimass Subwoofer, Bose Center Channel Speaker, Bose Adjustable Cube Speakers, Pioneer Elite DVD Recorder DVR 57-H, and Pioneer Elite Media Receiver Pro-RO4U.  If I could find a kid to hook everything up in my living room, this would be a “must have” for us!

How about something special for FATHER’S DAY.  We guarantee DAD will love the Italian Moda Scapa Men’s XL full quill ostrich jacket.  For him, the jacket is definitely a STAR!  If the jacket isn’t his size, then consider the gym equipment in this estate sale: a Diamond Back Recumbent Bike or the ParaBody EX350 Home Gym.  This thing provides a full workout without getting into the car and heading to the gym!  If DAD has a “Man Cave” consider helping him with the decorating.  Out in the garage there’s a neon sign that lights up (Budweiser) and an original B.B. King concert poster.  Wouldn’t they look great in Dad’s room. Back inside the house you’ll find horse racing memorabilia ... signed horse jockey cards including Gary Stevens and a horse racing bronze.  All really great stuff for the BEST DAD EVER!













Bright Star Antiques Auction ... in Sulpur Springs April 26th!  


ALL DAY BARN AUCTION.  FARM FRESH Antiques & Collectibles!

Not your typical Bright Star Auction, but it’s still one of Jay’s best.  The museum quality antiques and collectibles have been set aside to make way for 1121 lots of pure FARM FRESH treasures for an All Day Barn Sale.  Even the Barn Sale has a fresh new twist.  Instead of standing in the Barn while an auctioneer works his magic, sit comfortably in the Gallery and watch the “Big Screens” as Lots are auctioned off.

Before we get into the details of what’s in store for the day, let’s go over our notes: NO RESERVED SEATING for this auction, but seating is available.  Bring BOXES and PACKING MATERIAL for the myriad of smalls we guarantee you’ll buy!  Bring TRAILERS for all the rest.  PHONE & ABSENTEE BIDS must be received by Friday evening, April 25th at 5:00 pm.  If you have any questions, give Jay and his staff a call at (903) 885-4584.