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24-7 Estate Sales - Estate Sales in Dallas, Texas, Oklahoma and More - DFW Estate Sales Dallas
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HI ... From Terry Lee & Fred

DFW Estate Liquidators ... in Fort Worth starting Friday.   {see pics}

10DFW 0002










 If there was ever a sale that left us speechless, this is the one.  It’s the 1st of 2 sales at this Fort Worth home and it will need at least that much time to empty the house.  Everyone will love it – Men for the electronics, radio-controlled models, and tools ... Women for the Kitchen and some of the Collectibles.  The home was a unique person whose interests were virtually endless with a room dedicated to his art work ... his radio controlled models ... even his electronics.  He was a successful painter ... model builder ... and collector.  Ladies will enjoy going through the gold and silver jewelry, the autographed paperweights, and the original art work.  Guys can enjoy the vintage Mattel handheld video games ... play with remote controlled tanks ... or browse through the collection of American & German bayonets. If it’s power tools you’re looking for ... drive right past every hardware store in the Metroplex and shop Cory’s sale.  If he doesn’t have it in the garage or one of the “HOBBY” rooms, it hasn’t hit the market yet.  Just point me in the direction of the kitchen with its KitchenAid and Cuisinart mixers, griddles, Food Savers, and more.  There’s nothing you won’t find in this kitchen. 

17DFW 0054













Joyce Morris Estate Sales ... in Corsicana, TEXAS starting Wednesday, July 8th.  {see pics}

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