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HI ... from TERRY LEE & FRED ... 


Bright Star Antiques Auction ... in Sulpur Springs April 26th!  


Not your typical Bright Star Auction, but it’s still one of Jay’s best.  The museum quality antiques and collectibles have been set aside to make way for 1121 lots of pure FARM FRESH treasures for an All Day Barn Sale.  Even the Barn Sale has a fresh new twist.  Instead of standing in the Barn while an auctioneer works his magic, sit comfortably in the Gallery and watch the “Big Screens” as Lots are auctioned off.

Before we get into the details of what’s in store for the day, let’s go over our notes: NO RESERVED SEATING for this auction, but seating is available.  Bring BOXES and PACKING MATERIAL for the myriad of smalls we guarantee you’ll buy!  Bring TRAILERS for all the rest.  PHONE & ABSENTEE BIDS must be received by Friday evening, April 25th at 5:00 pm.  If you have any questions, give Jay and his staff a call at (903) 885-4584.

Attics to Basements #1 ... in McKinney starting Wednesday.


Whitney & his staff are McKinney bound again this weekend with another fabulous estate sale (1 of 3 for the weekend ahead).  The home is furnished with WONDERFUL TREASURES from furniture (antique and contemporary) ... to jewelry cases ... to the outdoor patio furniture.  Knowing where to start, now that’s the hard part.  If you love spending time with family and friends, start in the living room.  That’s were you’ll find the large overstuffed sectional that could easily seat the Dallas Mavericks.  While you’re seated pay special attention to the metal coffee table with storage.  It’s a unique piece that’s attractive AND functional.  In the same room with the sofa, there’s a game table that caught Fred’s attention.  Nice set with leather arm chairs.


City View Antique Mall Sping Storewide Sale & Flea Market ... Storewide Sale begins Wednesday; Flea Market on Saturday Only.  {see pics}

10IMG 8790

 There’s so much buzzing going on at City View Antique Mall ... it looks like a beehive in spring!  Dealers are staging their booths and putting up Sale Signs.  Joan & Ellen were on the back lot marking off spaces for the TENTS.  Fred and I decided to leave the hard work up to them and headed off to picture the 13,000 sq. ft. of antiques and collectibles.  If you’ve not shopped City View Antique Mall at their new location, this weekend is the perfect time to start.  We love it because it’s a cross between FINE ANTIQUES ... and FUN FUNK!  When I’m in a playful mood and relaxing you can see me heading to the cases full of vintage glassware and pottery ... or looking for an interesting piece of art work.  Sometimes I’m on the hunt for a piece of Johnson Bros. or Spode china to add to my vast collection.  And if I’m really serious, it’s furniture ... a colorful arm chair ... something in leather like an executive chair ... or a new desk.  (Sitting at the same desk year after year is too boring for this gal.)



Attics to Basements #3 ... in Deep Ellum starting Friday.  {see pics}


Discovery Estate Sales ... in Highland Park starting Friday.


DFW Liquidators ... in Garland starting Friday. 


When you see the beauty of this 7600 sq. ft. colonial style home from the outside, your adrenaline starts to pump.  Ours did as we approached the front door and walked into the foyer to meet the lovely couple.  While all the furnishings are top notch you’ll feel right at home.  The dining room is home to a banquet size table with eight chairs and a massive china cabinet (3 sections with buffet space in the middle).  In the middle of this expansive table ... a pair of elephant candelabras.  Formal, but fun!   From the dining room Fred and I crossed the hall to the executive office where I went straight for the desk while Fred headed straight to the leather recliner.  For him, the rough manly look of the leather is the No. 1 attraction in a recliner and then it’s comfort.  A+ for both.



PAC Shoppe Auctions ... in Dallas Saturday Evening. 


 When you walk into PAC Shoppe Auctions this week don’t be surprised when you see a showroom FULL OF FURNITURE in addition to Steve Kaplan’s great collectibles.  The front table showcases several of our favorite pieces ... the antique Reed & Barton Renaissance Silver Plate 3-Light Candelabras and the Washington Drape Oil Lamp with Fly Catcher.  While I’m delighting over cool things, Steve (a/k/a PooPaw) is all over the Vintage Sonogram machine.  Vintage medical equipment is so very collectible, but point me in the direction of the Light Up Santa with Sleigh or the Mid-Century Metal & Glass Beverage Server (in 60's orange).