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24-7 Estate Sales - Estate Sales in Dallas, Texas, Oklahoma and More - DFW Estate Sales Dallas
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Hi ... From Terry Lee & Fred



Bright Star Antiques Co. Auction ... in Sulphur Springs ... 2-Day Eclectic Event starting Friday, October 24th.

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It’s time to clean out the storage areas and gather together all the great pieces of Americana Jay’s been hanging onto for years.  Finally, he’s willing to share his oil and gas signs, antique wagon wheels, carnival memorabilia, stained glass windows, garden statuary, and industrial pieces.  He buys it whenever he sees it and sometimes his “accumulation” grows like The Blob.  Now that doesn’t mean we’re comparing Jay to Steve McQueen in the 1958 sci-fi flick  ‘cause Jay’s more the Telly Savalas type (a little younger and better looking)!  But his GALLERY does look like it’s growing antiques and archecturals at an alarming rate! 

10bsg 0001









Estate Sales by Mike & Jackie ... in Allen starting Thursday.

10MKE 0014









The homeowner and her mother purchased only the best antiques and collectibles and were frequent shoppers at several Antique Malls (especially the Limited) throughout the Metroplex!  It’s now time to downsize and find new owners who will love and appreciate the many European and American pieces ... ornately carved servers, oak dining table with paw feet, French tables covered in ormolu, parlor sets, a tester bed, and my personal favorite ... the large cut glass lidded vase.  Fred had a difficult time choosing just one favorite ... originally it was the tall walnut book case ... then he changed his mind and chose the Victorian full size bed (complete with rails, head and footboards). 

39dMKE 004119bMKE 0039










Heirloom Estate Sales ... in North Richland Hills starting Friday.










An absolutely wonderful and unique sale that demands your attention.  This North Richland Hills home is fille with Orientalia, Primitives, Southwestern, Western Art, and  Pottery ... and that's just for starters.  Wait, we forgot to mention traditional furnishings too!  Everyone will find something (make that lots of somethings) we consider must-have treasures.  But first ... KUDOS to Karen & Sue for putting this awesome sale together.  It took a lot of work and more than a few “man-hours” to stage something of this magnitude.  And a shout out to Debbye Berry who works with us for those fantastic pictures.  How do we describe this sale?  We’re leaving it to the experts who have spent time touching and handling every piece you see!   Karen and Sue, it’s all yours!










 DFW Estate Liquidators #1 ... in Carrollton starting Friday.  {see pics}

10DFWCar 0017









Another great “Guy Sale” this weekend by Cory and his crew!  This one starts off with a fully loaded automobile ... a 2000 Toyota Avalon with 116,000 mile.  It’s a beauty and really clean.  From the car, let’s head directly to the garage where you’ll find a Honda generator ... a Honda lawn mower ... and a Husqvarna leaf blower (Fred says that’s a big deal).  But the garage floor is the STAR here.  It’s totally covered in interlocking rubber mats.  One more “must have” for the guys ... a Rubber Maid storage building for all those power tools and lawn equipment.  Whew.  Now, for the ladies.  The home is filled with very nice furnishings ... from the microfiber (leather look) sofa and matching love seat to the ladies’ writing desk.  The dining table with matching server ... the 4-poster bedroom set ... it all definitely shows a more feminine touch to the home.  Another “special” piece that brought a smile to my face (and will be a hit with the ladies) is the pink and green dinnerware.

32DFWCar 0008











DFW Estate Liquidators #2 ... in Fort Worth starting Friday.  {see pics}

11DFWFW 0004









It has been too long since we’ve seen a really good “Man’s Sale” and then Cory and his staff pop up with two ... this one in Fort Worth and another one in Carrollton.  The Fort Worth homeowner is what Fred calls a Man’s Man in a home filled with hunting, fishing and golfing gear.  And he was good at all of it.  Just check out those trophies.  He was so good at golf he was a “Marshall” at tournaments and has the hats and shirts to prove it!  As for his hunting and fishing gear, it covers several tables ... more than a few binoculars, duck calls, reloading supplies, a laser range finder ... tackle boxes full of lures, rods and reels, camping gear for when he wants to spend the night in the “wild” and the appropriate clothing to blend into a certain terrain.

19DFWFW 0022




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